About us

What is this Site?


If you are wondering what is this site, then Let me explain.

Hi, I’m Niraj Kashyap and I am the person behind this site. This site “Gineus ( is a smart link manager for my sites.

We manage our affiliate links on this site, and its hard to create and maintain links on our blog and it also slows down our main site and the link ends to be very loooong.

Some of our sites are

  • and others.

If you are gettings redirects from this website, that means we are managing the affiliate link of one of our site that redirect to your site for some affiliate product or to a non affiliate product. has no content of it own and neither does create or promote any content of its own or of others. This site is just only to manage links that are used on sites that are managed or owned by Niraj Kashyap (owner).

If you want to reach us, contact us: [email protected][dot]com